Traffic: Road Racing - Asphalt Street Cars Racer 2

Awkwardly titled, illegal street racing simulator, free...


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  • Category Racing games
  • License Free
  • Version For Window 8 1.0
  • Works under Windows 10 / Windows 8.1
  • Language English
  • Program by T-Bull Sp. z o.o.

Awkwardly titled, illegal street racing simulator, free download fun!

The title alone "Traffic: Road Racing - Asphalt Street Cars Racer 2" is a mouthful. Try saying it in one breath. Its title is packed with keywords for Search Engine Optimization purposes by game publisher T-Bull. However, the game itself is a lot of fun to play, and it helps the reviewer see the game's long winded title as a lovable eccentricity, rather than a generic string of click bait hungry key words.

The bright colours of the urban American landscape set in a four lane highway is a world apart from the seedy underground world of the "Grand Theft Auto" franchise or the nocturnal drifting and revving of the "Need for Speed" series. "Traffic: Road Racing - Asphalt Street Cars Racer 2"'s sandbox world is set in a location that evokes memories of the classic arcade sandbox racer "Cruisin' USA". The bright colours and sunny ambiance will evoke nostalgia among older game players of summers spent at sea side arcades playing "Cruisin' USA" until their pocket money was spent!

The game play's enjoyable experience is accentuated by the tight and quick responsive controls which make key features like acceleration and breaking a simple procedure. Upgrades to the car can be obtained by collecting coins as challenges are overcome. (Standard non mechanical upgrades like paint work, spoilers and new wheels are also available for stylistic purposes). The coin collecting enables the player to improve the handling of the car which is intentionally sluggish in the initial stages. The sluggishness of the handling can lead to crashes, which is frustrating but also serves as an incentive to earn sufficient in game points to upgrade and pimp the car.

The game is optimised for Windows 8, so it can be ran on a Windows compatible mobile device. Tilting your smart phone or tablet in turn tilts the car, which ads to the fun of speeding around tight corners. There are 14 classic and futuristic cars to choose from, with 4 diversified asphalt tracks available forest, desert, snow and city settings. All in all "Traffic: Road Racing - Asphalt Street Cars Racer 2" is a lot of fun and good quality for a free download.


  • Controls are very responsive for a free download
  • Is fun on a Windows 8 tablet device
  • Visually impressive
  • Fun to play, suitable for all ages


  • Too many ads for other apps
  • Settings could be varied more
  • Title is too long to say in one breath!
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